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What is your style of photos?


Laurent Guizard:  I work on very varied forms. Portraits, landscapes, stage photos, reports or photos of objects.


For you, what is a successful photo?


LG:  A photo without artifice, on which we do not need to intervene. What interests me is the way the light behaves on what I'm photographing, how it all interacts. It seems to me that it is the light that emanates from a photo that gives the emotion of the viewer. And the relationship with the people I photograph. A successful photo is also a photo that tells a story or that conveys the beauty and the past of an object. In an instant. The successful photo lives. For me, photographing a rock band or an opera singer is the same thing. I try to transcribe an energy.


How did you learn about photography?


LG:  I didn't go to school. I trained on my own by looking at other people's photos, listening to advice and then practicing. For me, what is important is to establish a relationship with the person or the object that I photograph. In a photo, we feel this relationship between the photographer and the person. I like to put people at ease, to allow them to take ownership of the session and that they find it pleasant. A 120th or 125th of a second ... It's such a brief moment that it's the time before that counts. To observe, put things down, discuss. I am a fan of "talking more" and "photographing less".


What makes you happy in a photo?


LG:  Getting up very early in the morning to photograph a landscape and finally realize that I am also photographing the state in which I am at that moment. In each photo, a little of my current mood shines through. It's an exchange. Because conversely, I'm happy when I managed to bring out a little of the personality of the subject I'm photographing, what he was thinking when I triggered ...


The photo you dream of taking?


LG:  The planet from afar ... Me in orbit, to take a step back.



Interview by Audrey Guiller

Born facing the sea, in Saint Malo, at the end of 1970, he now works in Rennes and works for the national press (Le Journal Du Dimanche, Le Nouvel Observateur, L'Etudiant, Le Monde, Le Parisien ....) and likes to photograph sound.

He collaborates with the Opéra de Rennes, the Orchester Symphonique de Bretagne and L'Armada Productions.
His favorite fields are portraiture, reportage, stage photography, with an approach now embedded in multimedia.
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